Crowley Memorials is a family run business, founded in 1984.


Choosing a memorial stone for your loved one can be a very difficult process. Here at Crowley Memorials we aim to help and guide you throughout. Every memorial is unique and can be designed to create a tribute of your love in individual fashion.

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Jewish Memorials or Matzevahs are monuments created to individual requirements either in design and colour or inscriptions. We work alongside yourselves, the Rabbis and individual shuls to ensure the stone setting goes ahead without complications. We understand how important the un-veiling of a memorial stone is within the Jewish religion and work hard to ensure all requirements are met throughout the process.

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Renovating memorials can restore a memorial lost beauty. Whatever your memorial needs, whether it is cosmetic, for example re-gilding or cleaning, or structural, for example foundation work or refixing. We are happy to go and have a look at your memorial and provide a free no obligation written quote.

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